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Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Reponse to Sir Ken Robinson

In Sir Ken Robinson's lecture, he primarily focused on the creativity of children being oppressed by the educational system. "Education is about personal growth." - Sir Ken Robinson. I agree strongly with this quote. His video had many interesting points that I will a remember as an educator. He says that being naturally good at something does not make you passionate about it. He spoke about the hierarchy of education and how it is not linear with the best interests of children. He says that anywhere you go in the world, the arts will be at the bottom of the hierarchy. Children who paint, dance or sing are encouraged to stop playing and do their math homework. I do agree that math is important but it is more important to keep ALL children on their individual paths to finding their rightful place in the world. He says that splitting education between vocational and academic, then prioritizing academic over vocational, makes children leave their talents behind. He also says that talent creates opportunities and we make the decisions to reach out for those opportunities.
Click Here to view the first video
Click Here to view the second video

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