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Thursday, January 29, 2009

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Sunday, January 25, 2009

A closer look at ACCESS

When viewing ACCESS a second time, I looked at the subjects offered. I am pleased to see all the different foreign languages offered. Many times, public schools do not offer more than two different languages. This tool will give any willing student such a substantial jump start on their college education! It is so exciting to see all of this unfolding as I am achieving my Secondary Education Diploma. The goals and standards presented give students and teachers alike great opportunities to expand their impact and knowledge. Technology is presented at your finger tips. I will be sure to encourage any student to take hold of the offer and use it to its full potential.

Did you know?

I have viewed the Fisch Bowl Blog before. I found the information about today's technology to be very interesting and hopeful. To think that that blog was made more than a year ago, the current technology has probably doubled or tripled. Students today have many more resources for learning and networking than students did just 5 to 10 years ago. The impact that the internet has on the world can not be ignored with those statistics.
The only problem I see is that all this technology can easily fly under grade school student's radar. With standards to be met on state and national tests, teachers may let this plethora of information fall to the way-side. When I am teaching in a classroom, I will remember the vast amount of technological short cuts that are offered by our worlds expanding knowledge. I am sure, by the time I am in a classroom setting, that computers will have a much bigger place in the classroom than they did when I was in grade school.

Thursday, January 15, 2009


I viewed the ACCESS website first and found out some very interesting things. I feel like I was robbed of a better education because I didn't know about this website. This offers students the opportunity to enroll in classes that they can't take at school. It offers distance learning and opens up thousands more doors for students who care to look. I will be sure to tell my students about this website and program when I am teaching. Students will be able to go much further at earlier ages with this program.

Last, I browsed the ALEX website. I have viewed the website before and absolutely love the idea of it. It is exciting to see all the resources I will have at my fingertips when I am in my own classroom. ALEX offers lesson plan ideas and tips throughout the website to better assist you in the classroom. ALEX also has a handy key telling you which objectives in the courses of study are frequently tested on. I love the organization of it and will frequently use this tool.

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Hello everyone! My name is Jessica Nicole White. I am a Junior at USA. When I am not doing school work or at my job, I go out with my friends. We like to go to places like Bumpers or Corner Bar in Mobile. I enjoy my friends but I have to have my quiet time. For this, I read anything I can get my hands on. Over winter break I read the entire Harry Potter series and a book titled "The Time Traveler's Wife". I also do crosswords or anything to keep my mind working because it needs all the help it can get. Hope I get to know some of you better. Have a great weekend.

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Wednesday, January 14, 2009

My First Post- A little late on the up-take

Hi Everyone!
This is my first post. Hope this goes along more smoothly in the future.