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Thursday, April 2, 2009

Growth vs. Fixed Mindset

In the Podcast video "Growth vs. Fixed Mindset", they discuss research done on a group of students at a seminar. Half of the students were sent to a study tips workshop and the other half received study tips and growth mindset classes. The studies showed a greater achievement rate in the students who were told that their minds would grow if they exercised them. The video covers how important it is to tell children that their minds can grow if they try to learn new things.
Basically, she says that if you have a fixed mindset you believe that you have a certain amount of intelligence and you conform to your preconceived notions by not pursuing endeavors that you consider beyond your intelligence. If a person has a growth mindset they see their mind as a muscle that can be flexed and grown with use. They tackle tasks that offer a chance for their minds to be pushed.
The video also talked about race car drivers being better drivers if they let their minds grow after a failure. I really found this part completely irrelevant, to be honest.
I think, however, that this idea and experiment was right. Students should be told that they need to harvest their intelligence. They need to know that if they take time to study and practice that they can increase their learning capabilities and understanding over time. I will encourage my students to stretch their minds and I will not set a bar, I will push them to set their own bar and continue to have higher expectations of themselves.

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