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Monday, February 16, 2009

Views and Improvements on Student Podcasts

I listened to three podcasts: College of Education Classes and Technology used in them, Facebook as an Educational Tool and YouTube for Educational Purposes. These three Podcasts all contained useful and interesting information. Each podcast had a different layout to present the information. None of the Podcasts were conducted in conversation format like the Podcasts I listened to on itunes. I enjoyed listening to the lecture pattern more than the conversation pattern. It was easier to follow the information being given.
There were things about the students' Podcasts that I found distracting. I will be sure to use a script and lay the information I am using out in front of me, however, I will not let the paper rusling be heard on my podcast. That is highly distracting and sounds unprofessional. I will also try to cut down on the amount of dead air or "Ums" I use. I think it would be easier to cut out dead air while using the conversational layout but I am sure the lecture format can be made to flow more smoothly between speakers. I would also hope to be more precise and direct in my speech. If I had not known what the statements in the middle of the Podcast were refering to something vaguely mentioned in the begining of the Podcast, I might have been lost. This seems forgivable in text but when a speaker loses a listener, the listener begins to hear jiberish. Ambiguous language must be cut down to a minimum.

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