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Monday, February 16, 2009

Technological Literacy

Knowing the amount of trouble I have with posting a simple picture to a blog, angers me. Reading this post from Karl Fisch gave validation to my anger. It is 2009, everyone should know what a blog is and how to post pictures. Technology has been advanced in such a way that if everyone knew how to use it to its full extent, our limitations on communication, education and general media use would be non-existent. It is amazing that I can pull up a blog that a 9 year old student has posted a video on. I, at 21, am just tapping into this knowledge. Times have changed and teaching methods must change too.
My generation needs to move fast to take the lead in educational roles. We are the next generation of teachers and with the endless amount of techno help offered, we need to be the ones to help young minds navigate it and put it to the best use. It is disheartening to know that teachers could possibly be less informed about the wealth of resources than the students we are supposed to educate. This post was a wake up call for me. The need to know how to use these new technological tools is greater than most people imagine.

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