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Sunday, March 1, 2009

Constructivist : Learning from Dr. Alice Christie

Dr. Alice Christie's website is a helpful encouragement. She was devoted to becoming a life long learner and encouraged others to do so through her work. Her website is extremely thorough and has many helpful links and ideas. Click Here to view Dr. Alice Christie's page on the learning theory: Constructivism. This theory's focus is on creative thinking and self reflection. Teachers give students opportunities to self reflect and make their own adjustments.
Here, teachers are "Co-Learners". I love this idea. I want to learn something every single day from my students. I know some days the lesson may only be that some days are better than others but that IS a lesson. Teachers and Students learn together through trial and error and learning is collaborative. Collaborative learning is sometimes frowned upon by the educational systems because they see lazy teachers who depend on students to teach one another. If this is done correctly, teachers guide students and are actively participating in the collaboration.

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